Best Ways To Fix Fast Draining Batteries of Laptops

Just like any other electronic device, laptops come with a built-in battery that is meant to degrade over time with their usage. However, if you recently purchased a new laptop and its battery has already started to drain faster than it was brand new, it might be because of several reasons. Experts of computer repair in Whitehall explain that the way we use electronic gadgets impacts a lot on its battery life.

We at happy Fix strive for the satisfaction of our customers. If you’re someone who is going through this fast battery-draining issue, then this comprehensive guide developed with our experts’ suggestions will help you solve this issue. We have listed some of the major reasons for your battery draining fast and what you can do to improve it.

Before we move on to what steps you may take to make your battery last longer, we must first understand the cause of the fast draining of batteries. According to the experts of electronics repair in Whitehall, the following are some of the reasons that your laptop’s battery is draining faster than usual.

What Is Causing My Laptop’s Battery To Drain Fast? Causes Explained By Experts of Computer Repair In Whitehall

It is important to note that many factors impact the battery life of a battery, such as its age, usage, etc. If you have been using the same laptop for years and you doubt its battery has become old and worn out, then you may consider getting it replaced by a store for computer repair in Whitehall.

Other major reasons for your laptop’s battery draining faster than usual can be:

  • You are using a major power-intensive application on your laptop which is draining most of the battery, such as a 3D game or an editing software
  • You are using a backlit keyboard. It is known to drain the battery faster
  • There is some malfunction in a program or an app
  • You are using the laptop in high-performance mode
  • The brightness level of your laptop is set to high
  • There are too many peripherals attached to your laptop
  • The battery can be drained faster if there are too many network connections 

So these are some of the common causes of your laptop’s battery draining faster than usual, according to the experts of computer repair in Whitehall. Now that you know the causes let’s move on to what you can do to make your laptop’s battery last longer than usual.

What To Do To Make Your Laptop’s Battery Last Longer?

Here are the following steps that you may take to make your laptop’s battery last longer, as explained by the experts of electronics repair in Whitehall.

Lower The Screen Brightness

The system’s display consumes a lot of power. Therefore, it is recommended by the experts to lower the brightness of your screen in order to prevent your laptop’s battery from draining fast. You can easily access the display brightness through the taskbar or by pressing the brightness function key on your keyboard. 

Disable The Backlight Of Your Keyboard

Some of the advanced laptops have a backlight on their keyboards, which proves to be useful as it makes the keyboard more visible when the lights are out. However, it drains a lot of battery; therefore, it is recommended to turn it off when not needed. 

Detach Any External Peripheral Devices

The more peripherals that are connected to the laptop, the more battery it will drain. Therefore, it is recommended to detach any peripheral devices from your laptop, such as the mouse, keyboard, flash drive, etc, to ensure your battery lasts longer than usual. 

So these are some steps you can take to make your laptop’s battery last longer, as explained by experts in computer repair in Whitehall. However, if any of the methods mentioned above do not help and your battery is still draining fast, your laptop’s battery may need replacement. In such a case, you may bring it to us at Cell Spot to get it replaced instantly. For more information, you may visit our website or contact us to book an appointment with one of our technicians.

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