What To Do With A Cracked iPad Screen?

You just dropped your iPad; the screen cracked. Now, what is next? Worry not; this post belongs to you. Hello all, today Happy Fix is here to answer your questions; what to do with a cracked iPad screen. As an Apple user, you must know that this company doesn’t manufacture its spare parts; you can’t just walk around an electronic shop asking for an alternate screen. Even Apple itself gets its spare parts from EOM, which supplies the main parts while manufacturing a new iPhone. That is the only reason you get the spare parts at a relatively high price. We know it makes you wonder: is it possible to get a vital screen at reasonable prices? Yes, it is possible. 

First of all, it is necessary to understand that you must contact an optimistic repair center like us no matter what. We have seen countless places where people regret choosing the wrong place; you should not make that mistake. An authentic place is a surety that you will always get genuine quality no matter what.

cracked iPad screen

Steps to take regarding a broken iPad screen!

Analyze the damage

No doubt, the first step will be analyzing the damage of the product. In many cases, people get afraid really soon; they start taking a minor break too seriously. Even when you visit the repair store, ask them; what is the level of crack? Does it need to be taken care of? If you listen to the experts, you should kill the problems as soon as possible. Most stores provide you with the necessary experts to clear out the queries regarding a cracked iPad screen.

Understand your requirements

Suppose you feel that you have to change the screen. In that case, there are several options to choose from: Inferior quality and lowest priced aftermarket display, OEM pulls or original equipment manufacturer pulls, and OEM refurbished parts. As the name suggests, inferior quality is the lowest in price; you can buy it from any store. On the other hand, EOM pulls are advanced in terms of quality and price. In simple words, you can say that it is a replica of verified-original Apple products. 

OEM refurbished part

The only reason we tell you to analyze the damage is that the screen doesn’t crack up; there is no problem with the display. In that case, all you need is cracked units. Have you heard of the term refurbished? Some global vendors buy these buybacks and paste them as the original unit; they call it refurbished. A vital store will definitely tell you which kind of service you need. 

Find a good repair store?

Now, you have reached the most important step; finding a vital repair store. Actually, there is no need to ask this particular question because we have your back. We suggest you visit our website and check the reviews from our happy clients; those comments will put a long smile on your face. We are happy to share that our experienced professionals handle thousands of cases every year. So, you do not have to worry about anything. 


As we were talking about above, those who are going through the concern of a cracked iPad screen must read this post carefully. First, know your problem and then contact our professionals. On the other hand, ask us here if you have any questions.