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Computer Not Turning On: Top Fixes By Computer Repair

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Is your computer not turning on? Don’t worry we have got your back. In this article, we will talk about the top fixes that can help you turn on your computer if you are having a problem with turning on your system. These solutions are easy and can be performed at home. But if you are short of time and want professional help then consider computer repair in Whitehall services. Happy Fix is at your service to deal with all kinds of computer repair issues. We have a technical team of experts who have experience in repairing all types of computers. We will make sure to fix this issue for you at a very affordable range.

Fix Your Computer Not Turning On By Help From Computer Repair

If your computer is not turning on you can fix it by using these solutions. Try a different power source or check your monitor connection. You can also try disconnecting your devices and listening to beeps to resolve this issue. Moreover, you can start your PC in safe mode and restore your computer to the previous settings to get rid of this issue. Moreover, check for unresponsive apps and unplug USB devices to solve this problem. You can also get professional help from computer repair in Whitehall and let them repair this issue.

Try A Different Power Source

You might be using a faulty power outlet for providing a power source to your PC which is why it is not turning on. For this, it is recommended to change your power outlet and then try turning on your PC. Also if you are using a surge protector or a power strip unplug it first and then plug your computer cord directly into the wall to see if your computer turns on now.

Check Your Monitor Connection

If you can hear the sound of your CPU but cannot see your monitor display then something is probably wrong with your monitor probably. For this check, the power cord of your monitor and see if it is plugged in properly. Ensure that the wire is not broken or cracked. Also, it is important to see that the wire is plugged into the right port. Any strong force on the monitor or a sudden fall can also lead to monitor turning-on problems. You can also contact computer repair in Whitehall if you are having issues with connecting your monitor. Also, it is recommended to get your broken or cracked cables replaced by new cables.

Disconnect Your Devices

Interference from other devices connected to your computer can also lead to the computer not turning on issues. Make sure to disconnect all the other devices connected to your computer including the webcams, printers, and external hard drives. Then try restarting your computer when only the mouse, monitor, and keyboard are connected to it.

Listen to Beeps

You usually hear a beep when your computer starts up. One beep on the startup process is normal but if you hear a long series of beeps then there is some problem in your system. For this, open the manual of your computer and see the manufacturer’s website to figure out what this sound indicates.

Start Your PC In Safe Mode

Press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds and turn off your computer. Again press the power button to start your computer. Then you see a Windows startup on your screen, hold the power button again to turn off the device. Repress the power button to turn on your device again. Repeat the third and the fourth step and allow your computer to fully restart. This will put your computer into a Windows recovery environment. Choose the troubleshooting and advanced options and from the drop-down menu click on startup settings and choose restart. You will see a proper list of options after your computer restarts. Click on safe mode with networking and uninstall the programs or apps you recently installed to figure out if they are causing the problem.

Restore Your To Previous Settings

Choose Troubleshoot and then open Advanced options to go to the System Restore option. Choose your desired restore point and start the process. Take help from electronics repair in Whitehall if you are having trouble restoring your PC to the previous settings. You can also check for unresponsive apps or hire professional computer and cell phone repair store services to get help with unresponsive apps on your computer. Lastly, try unplugging your USB devices to resolve this issue.


Try these computer repair solutions to get help with the situation when your computer is not turning on. If you are still unable to turn on your computer by the end of this article make sure to get professional help from computer repair in Whitehall. You can consider Happy Fix for your computer repair services because we are not just affordable but also very efficient. We offer reliable computer repair services so that you can enjoy your computer usage smoothly and without any inconvenience. Talk to our customer support and let them know your issues so that we can help you as soon as possible. Contact us today.