Things To Consider Before Leaving Your Phone to Repair Shop For Cell Phones

There’s no denying that our lives these days revolve around our smartphones, and apparently, we are quite particular about our smartphones. We are so latched on to them that it is hard to imagine a life without a phone. While some use it to run their business, some use it to stay connected to the world, and some just casually use it for entertainment purposes. The point is, that we are addicted to it, and life can be hard without it. But what if your “buddy” stops working out of nowhere? Well, that’d be a heart attack, and that repair shop for cell phones exists in the first place. 

But wait, before you hand over your device to that “unknown” technician. You need to take care of some important things before giving your phone to the service center.

repair shop for cell phone

  • Create a full backup 

Data is one of the most important aspects of a phone. We store every possible aspect of the information on our phones: account details, important emails and messages, photos, videos, contacts, documents, and whatnot. So, it becomes important for you to have a backup of all such important data. By doing so, you are avoiding the risk of losing the data during the repairing process, and you can be carefree. 

  • Remove the SIM card 

It is yet another task that you must do before leaving your phone in the hands of a technician. If your SIM gets into the wrong hands by mistake, it may be misused. Make it a habit to remove the SIM card from the phone before handing it over. Another reason behind doing that is you can use the SIM card on any other smartphone. By doing so, you won’t miss any important calls. 

  • Remove external storage 

Along with your SIM card, you must remove your external storage (micro-SD card). Make sure to remove it and keep it safe with you carefully. This is because most of your files are stored on this card. Removing it is a must because you may have some sensitive data sitting around, and if your memory gets lost or damaged in the process, you will lose all your data. 

  • Choose a reputed technician 

After you have done everything that is mentioned above, from removing your SIM card to taking all the possible precautions, you are ready to leave your smartphone to a technician. But that’s not where everything ends. For the best possible services and guaranteed results, it is highly recommended that you choose the best and most experienced team of technicians. Speaking of which, feel free to choose us at Happy Fix USA. Our team is full of well-rounded technicians who will do their best to repair your phone and make your life colorful as it was before. 

Final Thoughts 

Running into an issue with your phone is quite common, and that’s exactly why repair shop for cell phones exist. So, if you want your phone to be fixed straight away, feel free to leave your phone with us.

What To Do With A Cracked iPad Screen?

You just dropped your iPad; the screen cracked. Now, what is next? Worry not; this post belongs to you. Hello all, today Happy Fix is here to answer your questions; what to do with a cracked iPad screen. As an Apple user, you must know that this company doesn’t manufacture its spare parts; you can’t just walk around an electronic shop asking for an alternate screen. Even Apple itself gets its spare parts from EOM, which supplies the main parts while manufacturing a new iPhone. That is the only reason you get the spare parts at a relatively high price. We know it makes you wonder: is it possible to get a vital screen at reasonable prices? Yes, it is possible. 

First of all, it is necessary to understand that you must contact an optimistic repair center like us no matter what. We have seen countless places where people regret choosing the wrong place; you should not make that mistake. An authentic place is a surety that you will always get genuine quality no matter what.

cracked iPad screen

Steps to take regarding a broken iPad screen!

Analyze the damage

No doubt, the first step will be analyzing the damage of the product. In many cases, people get afraid really soon; they start taking a minor break too seriously. Even when you visit the repair store, ask them; what is the level of crack? Does it need to be taken care of? If you listen to the experts, you should kill the problems as soon as possible. Most stores provide you with the necessary experts to clear out the queries regarding a cracked iPad screen.

Understand your requirements

Suppose you feel that you have to change the screen. In that case, there are several options to choose from: Inferior quality and lowest priced aftermarket display, OEM pulls or original equipment manufacturer pulls, and OEM refurbished parts. As the name suggests, inferior quality is the lowest in price; you can buy it from any store. On the other hand, EOM pulls are advanced in terms of quality and price. In simple words, you can say that it is a replica of verified-original Apple products. 

OEM refurbished part

The only reason we tell you to analyze the damage is that the screen doesn’t crack up; there is no problem with the display. In that case, all you need is cracked units. Have you heard of the term refurbished? Some global vendors buy these buybacks and paste them as the original unit; they call it refurbished. A vital store will definitely tell you which kind of service you need. 

Find a good repair store?

Now, you have reached the most important step; finding a vital repair store. Actually, there is no need to ask this particular question because we have your back. We suggest you visit our website and check the reviews from our happy clients; those comments will put a long smile on your face. We are happy to share that our experienced professionals handle thousands of cases every year. So, you do not have to worry about anything. 


As we were talking about above, those who are going through the concern of a cracked iPad screen must read this post carefully. First, know your problem and then contact our professionals. On the other hand, ask us here if you have any questions.

Why Must Phone Repairs Be Left to the Pros?

In today’s time, mobile phones have become a basic necessity. With multiple tasks dependent on a single device, it becomes essential for the users to ensure proper functionality. Hence, if one notices some potential issues with their mobile phones, they must contact a professional instead of resolving the problem independently. 

And as phone devices can face multiple technical issues that might require specific tools and expertise. Hence, in such situations, one must leave the android phone repairs to the professionals as they have a perfect solution to fix the device. 

Benefits of getting the phone repaired by a pro

Those wondering why one must consult a professional for the repair services must know that there are various benefits of getting the phone repaired. Further, to help one understand the benefits of reaching out to the repair professionals for their good, one can check out the information shared. 

1) Quality repair services

One of the biggest reasons for getting the phone repaired by professionals is the quality and durability of the services. A few professionals have years of experience and have resolved most phone problems. In other words, experts know how to resolve all the potential risks that might be affecting or damaging the device and fix it from the root. 

Further, the professionals have access to the best tools and equipment to ensure reliable services. Most professionals even stock the android phone repairs items they might require to fix. So, one can be assured of the repair job performed. 

2) Environmental benefits 

It is said that an android phone replacement consumes a lot of energy. As per facts, over 90 percent of smartphone emissions are directly connected to the production of new phones. If the user takes their smartphone to the repair centers instead of purchasing a new one, they can save both money and the energy usage required for the production. It is said that phone repairs are a greener option than replacement. 

3) Help in saving cost

Those who get their smartphones repaired by a pro can save a lot of money. If one decides to fix their phone on their own, they might incur more costs as they might have worsened the damage. Taking the smartphone to the professional can help one avoid additional charges and prevent complete replacement of the device, which might cost more. 

How can you find the best professionals for phone repair? 

At present, one can find thousands of professionals for android phone repairs, but not everyone offers reliable phone repair services. So, to help one find the best phone repair service provider, one can remember the following points: 

  • The professionals must have the required experience for resolving various kinds of smartphone problems. 
  • Verify the reviews of the former customers. 
  • Consider the repair charges before getting the phone repaired.
  • Professionals must offer a guarantee for the repairs performed.

Bottom Line

One can now understand why taking their smartphone to the professional is considered best. Further, one can even get a smartphone fixed from Happy Fix, which offers quality repair services and a warranty. So, for the users who are facing issues with their smartphones, they can consider consulting a pro and quickly fix it.

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Call the Experts at Happy Fix for Quality Computer Screen Repair Services!

In this fast-growing and ultra-advanced era, we cannot imagine our life without computers, laptops, and phones. As we all know, tragedies happen anytime, anywhere! Unfortunately, sometimes those mishaps happen to our beloved devices, like computers and laptops.

It can be a genuine issue if your computer stops working, whether you use it to use social media or do professional work. People might be thinking about solving the problem by themselves, and it is human nature to resolve issues by themselves.

For example, if milk spills, you can simply clean it. And if books fall, you can simply pick them up. So, you might be curious to fix your own system issues, whether it is computer screen repair or screen replacement.

But it is good to go for professional computer screen repair services if you really want to get effective and quick solutions. You might have a friend or family member who is good with computers. But still, it is good to go for professional services. Sometimes you can increase the problem by not contacting the professionals. So, it is the right time to save yourself from the stress of repairing your own computer issues by hiring professionals.

There are myriad platforms available in the market which claim to provide you with quality computer repair services. But, should you go for these services without ensuring they are trustworthy?

Happy Fix is one of the best and most reputed platforms that offer high-quality computer screen repair services at pocket-friendly prices. There are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy after taking professional services. But in this post, we will talk about the major benefits. Let’s have a look:

  • Prevention of data loss
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Time-saving
  • Save hard-earned money and efforts
  • Prevent further damage
  • Improve functionality

How do you know if your computer screen is damaged or faulty?

  • Cracking of the physical LCD
  • Black “ink” like blots on the LCD
  • Discoloration
  • Dark corners
  • Lots of dead pixels
  • Wavering of the screen
  • Afterimage
  • Backlight extremely dim or bright
  • No display

Doing a simple test by connecting your computer to a working, external monitor and seeing if the problems stated above continues will tell you if the fault lies on the screen or other hardware like the Graphics Processing Unit of your computer.

If the external monitor works perfectly, you can be almost sure that your screen is damaged or faulty.

Reasons for screen damage:

Do you know you can easily damage the screen of your computer without even realizing it?

In most cases, cleaning your computer screen with too much force alone can cause unnecessary stress on your computer screen and cause it to be damaged.

Here are some most common causes for computer screen damage. Have a look:

  • Physical force to the computer screen or top cover.
  • Pressure on the computer’s screen is caused by inappropriate handling.
  • Placing and throwing heavy objects on top of the computer.
  • If we talk about the laptop, the opening of the laptop lid from the sides causes an uneven amount of force resulting in the screen bending.
  • Power fluctuations can cause the screen to be shorted.

Why hire Happy Fix?

Happy Fix offers a stupendous range of computer screen repair services without breaking your bank accounts. We have a team of experienced and talented technicians who make troubleshooting as easy as possible with our 24/7/365 days per year support. We offer desktop computers, laptops, iPhones, iPods, smartphones, tablets, and Mac.

“Just give us a call, and we are here to help you fix everything!”

The bottom line:

Are you facing problems with your computer? We will solve everything. When your device runs slow and your programs stop working, we are who you call. Happy Fix is your personal army of tech-savvy geeks, from corrupted hard devices to infected machines.

We cover the whole city, and the best thing is that we can fix most desktop computers and iPhones within 60 minutes. So, why are you roaming around here and there? Just give us a call at (484) 935-9028 and improve the functionality of your computer!

Top 4 Outstanding Ways To Deal With Your Laptop Screen Repairs!

It is not easy to imagine a day without a laptop in today’s times. No matter whether you are using it to watch a movie, complete your office work, or attend an online class, nothing seems to be possible without a laptop.

For example, if your laptop gets spoiled for some reason, it can be quite challenging. Hence, it is good to hire professional technicians for laptop screen repairs in such a case.

When your laptop screen is cracked or broken, it can be disturbing, especially if you use it for school or work. Your instant reaction may be to start looking into some reasonable replacement devices to get everything turned in on time. And you may be worried about how much money it could end up costing you to fix the screen issues.

Luckily, there are plenty of tricks to stop spending a big amount of money on a new one and the repairs that may be essential. Depending on the damage, you can avoid complete device replacement. There is also the probability that your laptop is unrepairable. If this is the situation, it is important to know the signs, so you don’t spend extra hard-earned money on it.

laptop screen repair
Laptop Screen Repairs

Here are some ways that help you identify what may be needed for laptop screen repairs and which option you should choose to get it back up and running again.

Signs of laptop screen damage

It will be obvious that you need to invest in a new laptop screen in some situations. You may have lots of cracks in the structure of your laptop, which can make it very clear that your screen is causing problems and not something else.

This most often happens after a laptop has been thrown down or smashed. If this is the situation, you should know instantly if that is the main issue you will be facing.

However, there are a few less understandable signs that you could be facing an issue with your screen. It can also be daunting to know whether there is another issue causing similar signs or if a screen repair task will get your laptop running again.

Are they cracked or defective?

Basically, there is a difference between a broken, cracked, and defective laptop screen. A broken screen is one that substantially shows symptoms of the damage, while a defective one may face other problems, such as unresponsiveness or flickering.

A broken screen can have lots of problems. It may be very clear and have cracks. But there can be other signs, like black marks, that means the screen has separated from its casing.


Nowadays, swelling has become a very common issue in newer devices. It can be one of the best signs that your screen will need to be repaired. This issue is generally caused by physical impact or even weather fluctuations.

Swelling can happen if you have been moving around from extremely hot to cold temperatures because of the dramatic change in conditions.

Check software compatibility

In addition to this, it could be an issue with your software. There may be a compatibility issue, if you have just installed a new application and observed the issues with your screen started soon after.

You can take myriad preventive actions to get your laptop working again after you have identified the issue.

Here are three incredible ways you can deal with your laptop screen repairs. Let’s have a look:

  1. Repairing the screen yourself

Repairing a laptop screen is a daunting task. But there is also a chance to repair it yourself if the issue is minor, like software compatibility. You can repair your minor cracked screen at home if you have knowledge and tools. But a defective issue can require more proficiency, knowledge, and innovative tools.

  1. Finding professionals

Many people think that a DIY method is a good option compared to hiring professionals. But DIY repairing is not as easy as a walk in the park with your pet. Professional technicians have sufficient knowledge and state-of-the-art tools. They can instantly find the root of the issue and provide laptop screen repairs without burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. Buying a new device

After choosing the repair shop that can service your laptop, an expert should have a great idea of whether or not you can get your laptop up and functioning again. After a first inspection, it will be clear if the screen can be fixed and if your laptop performs as normal once the repairs have been done.

The bottom line:

When your laptop is not functioning efficiently, it can feel like the end of the world. But with the help of the ways mentioned above, you can easily get back your laptop in good condition.

Top 3 Effective Ways to Deal with the Cracks on the Screen of Your Computer

There’s nothing more devastating than having to see cracks on the screen of your computer. P.S.: Never underestimate these lines or patterns as they can rain on your parade, ruining your attempts to get a job done. 

Whether you are a college student or a professional working remotely- you can’t let a pesky screen issue come in between your college assignments or work presentation. Is your computer screen showing cracks? If yes, give it a quick fix by opting for computer screen repair. Still can’t decide how to cater to such computer screen issues? Fret Not! Here are a few ways you can spot the right solution to repair your screen and pick the one with the innate potential to get your system up and running.

Red flags hinting computer screen damage

Signs of Lines or Patterns: The moment you notice cracks on the screen of your computer, which is a clear indication that it’s time to consider computer screen repair

This is usually the case when a computer has been dropped or smashed. If this happens, you should tap on the main problem you will be facing.

Cracked? Or defective?

Before you again get confused between broken or cracked computer screens and stumble upon what actually should be deemed defective. This part of the blog is here to clear your doubts to understand the underlying problem effectively. 

Basically, a broken screen is where signs of damage are clearly visible, while a defective one shows signs of flickering or unresponsiveness.

A broken screen deals with other pesky kinds of problems. It may be very easy to spot and can have cracks or chips, including black splotches.


Swelling is most commonly seen in new devices. In fact, it is one of the best indicators that your screen needs some T.L.C. in the form of repair service.

If you have been constantly moving from extremely hot to cold temperatures, swelling can be the instant impact due to such a dramatic change of weather scene.

You can easily spot whether a screen is defective if there’s a clear sign of physical damage, or discoloring, irregular pixelization/resolution, or an issue with the backlighting.

Finding a computer repair service

Contrary to what you believe, opting for a repair service is cost-effective and useful in enhancing the product’s longevity. While looking for someone to get this job done, it’d be wise to choose the one fully proficient in the field.

Find a certified repair technician.

When you look for a reliable computer repair service, it’d be wise to choose one who is well-abreast to deal with issues specific to your computer brand. 

One sure shot way to make sure that the service you are backing upon can give the best-in-class service to the model of computer you own. 

The right expert will surely have vital information on which parts to order for the specific job. 

Carrying Out Inspection

After you have successfully figured out the right repair service, then an expert whom you turn to will give you a good piece of advice regarding whether or not he or she can get your computer back to working condition. 

After an initial inspection, it will become clear whether the screen can be fixed or not. Also, if your computer will work in the same way as it did before the problem swamped.

Ponder upon the repair costs against the age and condition of the computer

Even if you can perform a D.I.Y. computer repair, it can sometimes turn out to be a major blunder, worse of all becoming way more expensive and unnecessary to have stumbled upon. You need to think about this carefully once you have a proper idea of the broken computer screen repair cost in parallel to purchasing a new computer.

Suppose your computer is often exposed to harsh weather conditions or you need it to carry it through a lot of traveling or physical activity. In that case, it’d be wise to look for a viable computer repair. This can help your computer to turn up and running and withstand such pressure.

Apart from this, shopping for good quality, sturdy bag or case can also save your device from unnecessary damage.

In Conclusion

When your computer screen breaks, it can add a huge hassle to your regular job. However, there are a few ways to help you get the display in working condition, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. 

Play It Safe: Top 5 Family-Friendly Apps for Kids

Thanks to COVID-19, kids are spending a lot more time on their devices. Whether it’s a MacBook Air for school, the iPad for music lessons, or just an iPhone 8 for regular screen time, kids are in front of screens more than ever before. Let’s use that time wisely! We’ve done our research and have found some of the top education apps for children. Check out a few of the options we’ve come up with:

Goodness Shapes

Age Range. 3-6 

If you’re a parent of a 3-6 year old, you know that they can be handful sometimes (did we sometimes? We meant always). You always have to keep your eyes peeled, waiting for them to run towards your freshly painted wall with an uncapped Sharpie. And let’s not get started with entertaining them on road trips or doctors visits. The simple solution is to give your toddler a phone or tablet, enjoy a little peace and quiet, and try not to think about how much screen time they’ve already had. Take away some of that guilt and try out the Goodness Shapes app! They are never too young to learn their shapes, so take that screen time and let the learning begin. 

Take some time to sit with them as they play – several studies have shown that co-playing with your children leads to faster development and better engagement. 

Age Range. 2-8 

Want to take learning to the next level? Try ABCmouse. Covering topics like math and reading while also including music and art, this app really has it all. Depending on your child’s age, you can purchase different bundles that increase with difficulty. Get started with a 30-day trial and see how your kids like it. With ABCmouse, you can ensure your child’s time spent on the iPad or Galaxy tablet is enjoyable, but still educational.

Quick Math Jr.

Age Range. 4-8 

Time for some honesty – who still counts with their fingers? Well, you’re not alone. We all know we should have taken our math classes more seriously in school, but sometimes it was just plain boring. Luckily for your children, they live in an age booming with exciting – and helpful! – math apps. Quick Math Jr. is a great outlet for some of that loose energy, keeping kids engaged with math problems and puzzles. This simple app makes math an enjoyable experience with challenges and games designed for kids ages 4-8.


Age Range. 10+

The younger you start learning a language the better. To reach a high language proficiency, it’s best to start learning at around 10 years old, according to a Scientific American article. While Duolinguo can’t necessarily ensure total language proficiency, the app will help them build the foundation that will serve them well in future language courses. Another great part of Duolingo is that your child can complete English grammar lessons as well! Get your kids started early with the Duolingo app so they can take their language learning to the next level.

Swift Playgrounds

Age Range. 9+ 

We all know that learning how to code is a great advantage, but like math, learning to code sounds incredibly dull. That’s where Swift Playground comes in! This genius app allows your kid to start learning to code in a fun and engaging environment. While you child may not become the next big tech giant, giving them that extra coding skill will be a great help. From website building to video game creation, coding is a vital tool that your kid can use for years to come. 

Sorting Through Old Photos and Contacts – Do You Need Them All?

We’ve all been there before — taking multiple photos from different angles just to make sure you get the best shot possible (even though most of them aren’t worth sharing). Or taking a hundred selfies with a hundred different faces only to just post one on Instagram. And if you’ve really gotten into phone photography after reading our iPhone 12 camera blog, you probably have a camera roll full of test shots that you’ll never edit or upload. And remember adding that one “friend” into your contacts but then never messaging them? So what should you do with all of those photos and contacts you no longer need?

In this blog, we’ll cover a couple of reasons why you should consider sorting through your old photos and contacts. After all, 2021 could be your year of productivity and efficiency (check out our 2 cents on that topic)!

How Should You Clean Out Your Photos and Contacts?

1. Organization

If you’re anything like us, your phone’s camera roll is probably anything but organized. And you probably don’t want to waste a ton of space on photos and videos you will never use or upload to social media. But with our tips in hand, you’ll have an organized camera roll before you know it!

For your first step in the organization process, we recommend creating albums for your photos and categorizing them that way. You can organize by timeline, by people, by events, or any category you want! That way, the next time you’re looking for a specific photo, it will be at the tip of your fingers.

And if you’re overwhelmed by the mass of photos in your camera roll, you can select photos in bulk and transfer them to a specific album as well. It’s quick and organized!

2. Save on the Cloud

Not quite sure if you’re ready to part with all of those photos just yet? Upload them to the Cloud! This option is for iPhone users only, of course, but it allows you to store your images elsewhere and free up some space on your phone in the process. As long as you have internet access, you’ll be able to transfer your photos from your phone to the Cloud.

3. Delete, Delete!

This is the not-so-fun part — we know. But just remember that the best part of a moment captured in a photo is the moment itself. Just think about how many duplicate, blurry, and screenshotted images are just sitting on your phone! Delete any photos that just don’t stand out to you, because that probably means you’ll never use them for anything. And in the end, decluttering will feel good — trust us.

4. Establish a “Cleaning Out Routine”

Get into the habit of cleaning out your photos by setting a weekly or monthly reminder to do so. Or you could even set a weekly reminder to organize them and a monthly reminder to delete the ones you no longer need/want!

Don’t put it off any longer; now that you have the tips and tricks to sort through your phone’s photos and contacts, go ahead and go for it! And if you need any assistance along the way, don’t hesitate to give Happy Fix a call.

These iPhone 12 Camera Tips Will Make You a Phone Photographer Pro

Do you enjoy dabbling in photography? Are you thinking about upgrading to a photographer-friendly iPhone? Then this blog is just for you! The iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max have advanced camera features that excite both amateur and professional photographers alike. Keep reading to learn more about iPhone 12 camera tips and more.

iPhone 12 Camera Tips and Features

Three Cameras

Yes—you read that correctly! The iPhone 12 has a camera for telephoto, wide, and ultrawide photos. The dual-lens cameras are arranged similarly to previous models (on the back of the iPhone). The primary camera has the largest aperture in iPhone history—ƒ/1.6—which significantly improves low-light shots.

Tip: The three cameras really come in handy when you are trying to perfectly frame your photograph. First, put your phone in portrait or landscape mode and zoom past 0.7x. As you zoom, the screen will continue to show you the area that is outside of the frame. Can’t fit everything in? Then that’s your sign to switch to a different camera mode!

Night Mode

Night Mode is a feature that is on several other iPhone models; however, on the iPhone 12, you can use it on all lenses (even the selfie lens!). Even better—Night Mode is automatic, meaning it turns on anytime it detects low light. Whenever Night Mode automatically activates, a moon icon will pop up to let you know.

Tip: To get the perfect low light photo, select the number next to the moon icon. This number shows how many seconds to keep your phone still before it snaps the photo. It also allows you to choose the exposure level yourself, giving you more creative freedom and control over your photos.


QuickTake is essentially a quick way to take a photo, video, or series of photos. On the iPhone 12, if you press on the white shutter button, it will take a photo. But if you hold the button for an extended period of time, it will switch to Video Mode and begin recording. If you press the white shutter button and swipe to the left, it will begin to take burst mode photos.

Tip: Trying to shoot a lengthy video? Hold down the white shutter button and swipe to the right. This will lock your phone into video mode, allowing you to remove your finger from the button and giving you more freedom.

Dolby Vision

Don’t worry videographers—we haven’t forgotten about you! Perhaps the coolest feature of the iPhone 12 is its ability to shoot and edit HDR videos with Dolby Vision. As you may know, HDR videos are more colorful, detailed, and visually advanced. Dolby Vision is simply a HDR video format. The iPhone 12 implements Dolby Vision HDR recording capabilities, which significantly improves video content. You can also edit your Dolby Vision videos on your iPhone 12, which makes the iPhone 12 the first phone to shoot and edit Dolby Vision videos.

Tip: To quickly turn on Dolby Vision video, go to Settings > Camera > Record Video > HRD Video.

Feeling ready to take on the world as an iPhone 12 photographer? We hope this blog taught you some iPhone 12 camera tips and tricks you didn’t know before! For any questions, concerns, or assistance with the iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Max, feel free to give Happy Fix a call.

Productivity in 2021: Apps That Work on Mobile and PC

Need to boost your productivity this year, but you’re not sure what tools to start with? We understand! There are seemingly endless productivity apps available, with almost all of them offering you the latest and greatest tools. If you’re already struggling with getting all of your work done, you definitely don’t have time to sift through each and every productivity app and find one that suits you.

Luckily, in this blog, we will cover what we consider to be some of the best workplace productivity apps out there! We’ll discuss the benefits of each app so you can quickly and efficiently decide which app(s) will assist you the most.

1. Slack

Function: Slack is a communication and messaging tool that allows both in-office teams and global, remote teams to communicate, collaborate, share files, and more all in one place. Slack is a wonderful alternative to emails because it allows real-time responses and conversations. If you’re looking for a productivity app that will bring your team together and produce successful outcomes more efficiently, then Slack is the way to go!

Benefits: Perhaps the largest benefit Slack offers is streamlined, simplified lines of communication. It offers three basic communication features: open channels (visible to everyone), private channels (visible to select team members), and direct messages (visible to one coworker). Another benefit is Slack’s ability to easily integrate with other apps (Google Drive, MailChimp, the list goes on). When you keep everything in sync with Slack, it becomes a one-stop platform for all of your productivity, communication, and sharing needs. You can also drop and share all kinds of files within your Slack conversations (images, PDFs, Word Docs, Google Docs, etc.).

Mobile vs. PC: Slack has released updated versions of both its desktop and mobile apps this year, and the apps complement each other quite well. The mobile app is simple, organized, and easy to navigate. It can also be downloaded on both iPhones and Androids. Like the desktop app, it offers a “Mentions & reactions” screen, where users can quickly find Slack messages that mention them and/or reactions to their messages.

2. Airtable

Function: Airtable is a platform that allows you and your team to create and share databases. You don’t have to be a database expert to use it, either! Other than creating databases, the platform also lets you store, organize, and collaborate/communicate on tasks within the database. 

Benefits: Airtable is a lot like a spreadsheet, except simpler and more user-friendly. With Airtable, you can organize a large amount of information as well as the relationships between that information, which means you can better categorize your information as well. Additionally, Airtable has an Import feature, which allows you to upload existing data from other apps. The true beauty of Airtable lies in its flexibility—it will adapt to whatever organizational tasks you need it to.

Mobile vs. PC: Airtable’s mobile app has a few functionality limits. For example, you cannot create new fields in mobile; you can only view existing fields. You also can’t create or view Forms or Apps in mobile. That being said, navigating Airtable is equally as simple in mobile as it is in desktop.

3. Microsoft Teams

Function: Microsoft Teams is another collaboration platform that offers chat channels, document storage and sharing, online meetings and video calling, and more. These features make it quite similar to Slack, except Microsoft Teams is free with Microsoft365 and Office365.

Benefits: Because of its integration with Office365, Microsoft Teams makes it incredibly easy to collaborate on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. You can create the document in Microsoft Teams rather than having to open up a separate app. Another excellent feature is the user’s ability to follow channels that they are interested in/a participant in and hide whatever channels they do not what to see. This makes Microsoft Teams more customizable than other collaboration platforms.

Mobile vs. PC: With Microsoft Teams, you can stay connected anytime and anywhere by using the mobile smartphone app. With the app, you not only have access to all of your conversations and documents, but you can also respond to channels and join meetings as you would via desktop, PC, or laptop web browser.

There are many other productivity apps out there, of course. But we believe our top three choices will improve your overall workflow, help you get more done, and keep you self-motivated to accomplish more!