Signs Your Computer Needs Repair

Do you hear loud fan noise whenever you turn on your computer? Well, this is a sign that your computer is begging for computer repair in Whitehall. The loud noise made by the fan shows that it is trying to cool down the PC to make your computer function normally. This is not just it. Many other signs can help you decide whether your computer needs to be repaired or not.

Here are some of the signs explained by the experts of electronics repair in Whitehall that can help you determine whether you need to visit the repair shop or not. Whatever the case, you may not try to fix the issue by yourself at home, as computer repair requires expert knowledge, skills, and tools that an ordinary person does not possess. Not only this but there are many other benefits associated with getting your computer repaired by professionals.

Signs To Determine Whether Your device Requires Computer Repair In Whitehall.

The Computer is Not Turning On

If your computer is not turning on, then you make it to a store for electronics repair in Whitehall immediately. However, before you rush to the repair store, you must check that the power is working. Or if it is your laptop, you must check that the battery of your laptop is charged.

You must also check that there is no power problem with the sockets. However, if none of this is an issue, there might be some software or hardware-related problem with your laptop that professionals will have to look at. Our technicians at Happy Fix at experts in handling sophisticated computer issues, so if you’re facing any kind of problem with your computer, you can come to us confidently to get it fixed instantly and easily.

Computer Running Slower Than Usual

Is your computer working slower than usual? Well, there could be many reasons for it. Such as, there might be many applications or programs running in the background of your computer, or it may be that the internet is causing the computer to work slower. 

However, you must check that. If no applications are running in the background of your computer and the internet connection is fine, then there may be some internal problem with your computer’s hardware or software, making it run slow. You may not take your laptop to a repair store the first time your computer runs slow, but if you notice this thing to happen consistently and if it is the overall performance that is slow, then you must get it inspected by a professional to identify the cause of your computer running slow and to get it fixed. 

Freezes or Randomly Restarts Without Any Warning

Does your computer stop working all of a sudden? Like the screen literally jams and won’t respond no matter what you d. This is really frustrating, especially when you are working on something. And what’s more frustrating than the computer freezing is that it suddenly shuts down without giving you any work, with all your data remaining unsaved. Which means you will have to work on your file all over again. 

If this is the case, it is a strong sign that you must visit a store for computer repair in Whitehall.

Error Codes When You Boot Up Your Computer

This is the most obvious sign of all the signs that your computer needs repair. If your computer displays a blue screen (the screen which is also referred to as the screen of death) and displays some error codes on it, then it is a deadly sign that there is something seriously wrong with your computer, and it needs professional help. 

You may write down the flashing error codes and then rush to the store for electronics repair in Whitehall to get your computer repaired.

So these are some of the indications explained by the experts that can help you determine whether your computer needs repair services or not. We at Happy Fix offer a wide range of computer repair services. You can confidently come to us to fix all your computer issues, whether software-related or hardware-related.

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Best Ways To Fix Fast Draining Batteries of Laptops

Just like any other electronic device, laptops come with a built-in battery that is meant to degrade over time with their usage. However, if you recently purchased a new laptop and its battery has already started to drain faster than it was brand new, it might be because of several reasons. Experts of computer repair in Whitehall explain that the way we use electronic gadgets impacts a lot on its battery life.

We at happy Fix strive for the satisfaction of our customers. If you’re someone who is going through this fast battery-draining issue, then this comprehensive guide developed with our experts’ suggestions will help you solve this issue. We have listed some of the major reasons for your battery draining fast and what you can do to improve it.

Before we move on to what steps you may take to make your battery last longer, we must first understand the cause of the fast draining of batteries. According to the experts of electronics repair in Whitehall, the following are some of the reasons that your laptop’s battery is draining faster than usual.

What Is Causing My Laptop’s Battery To Drain Fast? Causes Explained By Experts of Computer Repair In Whitehall

It is important to note that many factors impact the battery life of a battery, such as its age, usage, etc. If you have been using the same laptop for years and you doubt its battery has become old and worn out, then you may consider getting it replaced by a store for computer repair in Whitehall.

Other major reasons for your laptop’s battery draining faster than usual can be:

  • You are using a major power-intensive application on your laptop which is draining most of the battery, such as a 3D game or an editing software
  • You are using a backlit keyboard. It is known to drain the battery faster
  • There is some malfunction in a program or an app
  • You are using the laptop in high-performance mode
  • The brightness level of your laptop is set to high
  • There are too many peripherals attached to your laptop
  • The battery can be drained faster if there are too many network connections 

So these are some of the common causes of your laptop’s battery draining faster than usual, according to the experts of computer repair in Whitehall. Now that you know the causes let’s move on to what you can do to make your laptop’s battery last longer than usual.

What To Do To Make Your Laptop’s Battery Last Longer?

Here are the following steps that you may take to make your laptop’s battery last longer, as explained by the experts of electronics repair in Whitehall.

Lower The Screen Brightness

The system’s display consumes a lot of power. Therefore, it is recommended by the experts to lower the brightness of your screen in order to prevent your laptop’s battery from draining fast. You can easily access the display brightness through the taskbar or by pressing the brightness function key on your keyboard. 

Disable The Backlight Of Your Keyboard

Some of the advanced laptops have a backlight on their keyboards, which proves to be useful as it makes the keyboard more visible when the lights are out. However, it drains a lot of battery; therefore, it is recommended to turn it off when not needed. 

Detach Any External Peripheral Devices

The more peripherals that are connected to the laptop, the more battery it will drain. Therefore, it is recommended to detach any peripheral devices from your laptop, such as the mouse, keyboard, flash drive, etc, to ensure your battery lasts longer than usual. 

So these are some steps you can take to make your laptop’s battery last longer, as explained by experts in computer repair in Whitehall. However, if any of the methods mentioned above do not help and your battery is still draining fast, your laptop’s battery may need replacement. In such a case, you may bring it to us at Cell Spot to get it replaced instantly. For more information, you may visit our website or contact us to book an appointment with one of our technicians.

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Major Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Computer Repair

Most people would rather take matters into their own hands and try to troubleshoot a computer problem themselves rather than pay for professional assistance. Doing it yourself almost often makes things worse, especially if the issue is with the hardware.

In addition, many of them lack the knowledge and tools to diagnose and resolve the issue properly. They either lose their important information or spend more money than they would have if they had gone with a professional service.

Considering your needs, we have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons to hire a professional computer repair in Whitehall. Yes, let’s go and have a look at Happy Fix.


Most people try to fix their computers themselves because they fear being overcharged by a professional. Most professionals, however, do not overcharge, and any additional fees are directly related to the specific electric component that needs fixing or replacing.

Without in-depth knowledge of computer systems, attempting a do-it-yourself solution could cost you more than hiring a professional would have. This is because you risk damaging a hardware component or installing it incorrectly, which could result in significant performance degradation.

Prevention of Data Loss

The primary advantage of hiring a professional is probably data loss prevention. Data loss is not unusual when someone tries to fix a computer by themselves. When installing an operating system, for instance, they might format the drive containing crucial data, or if they’re attempting to fix a hardware problem, they might even harm the hard drive.

While fixing your gadget, a professional will guarantee the security of your data. They might try to extract your hard drive and transfer your data to another computer, for instance, if your computer has malware or a virus.

Similarly, if your hard disk has a problem, they will attempt to fix the drive to recover your data from it. However, there are many situations where it is impossible to recover your data. To be cautious, always make a timely backup of your files.


An expert in computer repair in Whitehall knows how to troubleshoot and solve various computer issues. Thanks to their expertise and depth of knowledge in the field of repairs, they can quickly and accurately diagnose the source of the problem and implement a solution. However, you should make sure you hire someone who has extensive experience in the sector.


Time is money, and a professional may help you save both thanks to their expertise and speed in identifying and fixing computer problems. They may make a correct diagnosis in a short amount of time since they are using established methods and practices to zero in on the source of the problem, thus saving you a lot of time and effort that you would have wasted trying to fix the problem on your own.

This could come in handy if you have an urgent school or work-related project requiring your computer, but it is currently inoperable.

Maintenance Arrangements

Maintenance contracts allow you to acquire routine maintenance of your computer for a little charge and are offered by most professional specialists of computer repair in Whitehall.

Maintaining your computer regularly will allow you to spot possible issues before they become serious, keeping it running smoothly for longer. On top of that, regular upkeep not only helps you save money on repairs but also guarantees that your equipment will be operational when you need it.


Bringing your computer in for service will ensure that any necessary fixes are made and provide you with the option of purchasing useful add-ons. Until your technician tells you otherwise, you might not know that your computer is outdated and in need of service.

When they have your hardware in their care, they will upgrade it and apply any necessary updates. The enhanced functionality and efficiency of your computer will be a welcome side effect of these updates.


If you try to fix things on your own, you’ll quickly discover that you’re missing key components. Fixing a computer typically necessitates the use of specialized equipment that the typical person does not have lying about. Experts can use specialized equipment to investigate your computer’s inner workings.

Final Words

It is obvious that hiring a skilled computer technician can be in your best interests in light of the advantages as mentioned above. Actually, these are only a few benefits of restraining your temptation to fix things yourself and entrusting a professional to look after your computer.

There are countless other reasons to choose a professional for computer repair in Whitehall. So be sure to get professional assistance the next time you have a computer issue.

Your worry will subside when your computer repair company repairs it.

All of these advantages will have you using your newly repaired PC in no time.

Don’t forget to visit our website to schedule an appointment today. Here at Happy Fix, we will handle all of your electronics repairs in Whitehall!

5 Ways To Know Whether You Need Computer Repair In Whitehall

Does your computer run slowly, display error messages, or shut off without warning?

There may be a lot of causes for this, although some may be more significant than others and may require computer repair in Whitehall. Indicators that a computer needs to be serviced most often include:

The Most Prevalent Problems That May Require Computer Repair In Whitehall

Some of these concerns do not necessitate the use of a professional to resolve them, as some can be fixed at home.

You have numerous alternatives for diagnosing your problems and determining the next steps to get your laptop working properly, according to your computer/ laptop’s age, model, and operating system.

1. The battery won’t charge

A new battery may be required if your laptop fails to hold a charge, charges incompletely, or does not charge at all. Depending on how often and long you use your laptop, the battery can last anywhere from two to four years.

Your computer may indicate that its battery is dying by placing an “X” in the system tray’s upper right corner of the battery icon. If not, you can use third-party software or go to computer repair in Whitehall to see your battery’s capacity.

Adapter Cable

Another reason the battery is not charging is that the charging cord is broken. This is a simple replacement.

Laptop Battery

Although a few laptop models might not let you open the battery compartment and will require you to mail the laptop to the manufacturer for repair, for most computers, this repair is among the simplest and only costs as much as a replacement battery.

Charging port

You might also have a faulty laptop charging port if the indicator light doesn’t turn on when you connect your charger to your laptop or if it does, but only when you hold the charger at a specific angle.

It is true that charging port repairs necessitate having a professional open your laptop and do the necessary interior maintenance. However, since this is often a quick procedure, parts and labour prices should be affordable.

2. Shutting Down Unexpectedly

If your laptop switches off during an activity, it could be a battery issue. Check to be sure your laptop is plugged in and charging, then switch it on after it’s had some time to recharge.

Possible screen error. If you can hear your laptop operating without a display, try restarting it. You may have a hard disk failure if you realise it isn’t what you need.

Make a backup of your laptop’s information and software promptly, and then have a professional computer repair in Whitehall check out your laptop and provide laptop repair service if necessary.

3. Laptop Getting Hot

It’s recommended that you avoid using computers directly on your lap because they all naturally get a little heated. Turn off your laptop, unplug the power cord, and perform a brief check to let it cool down. You can still feel the heat using a lap desk or another safe surface.

  • Allow for a 10-minute cooling period for the laptop.
  • Remove the battery compartment cover.
  • If the battery is really hot, it may be replaced.
  • It’s also possible that the vents have become clogged; clean these out with a dusting cloth.
  • Check that your laptop is on a hard, level surface.
  • Think about purchasing a cooling pad.
  • Avoid using it on anything that hinders ventilation, such as soft bedding or pillows.

4. Blue Screen of Death

Windows-based operating systems have protections that will shut down your computer before significant difficulties, such as a full breakdown of your hard drive. A blue screen of death, including an error message, will typically appear as a warning.

The “blue screen of death” is a common term for computer crashes that indicate a serious problem with the software or hardware. While it can happen once or twice without effect, it’s often the symptom of a greater issue.

5. Laptop Becoming Noisy

A clogged or dirty fan, blocked vents, or buildup inside the computer could all contribute to this. Try the same troubleshooting steps you used to identify the source of the heating problem.

Do you think it’s a fan? A noise problem like this one would only occur sometimes.
Is it the DVD-ROM drive? If it persists, try removing the drive drawer.
Could it be the hard drive itself? If your hard disk is making clicking or cracking sounds, it may be failing.

Don’t be afraid to take it to a computer repair expert if you cannot figure out what’s causing the noise on your own.

Most of these issues will necessitate professional diagnosis and repair, except DVD-drive errors, which can occasionally be resolved by removing and using a DVD lens cleaning agent.


Modern laptops are programmed to anticipate a user’s needs and provide solutions before the user even realizes there’s a problem. And Happy Fix can help.

Your laptop is often invaluable for fixing software glitches and performing routine PC maintenance. It will also provide a record of the issue at hand, arming you with a trail of proof you can provide to a professional computer repair in Whitehall if they inquire about what’s going wrong.

Finding the source of those elusive problems can be accomplished with the help of error logs, messages and, ofcourse, electronics repair Whitehall.

You should get in touch with a professional familiar with all laptop and computer repairs as soon as possible if you experience any major problems, such as hardware failure or unintentional water or impact damage.

Keyboard Not Working? Here are some Tips From Computer Repair in Whitehall

Not sure what has caused your keyboard to stop working? Software or hardware? These tips by the experts in Computer Repair in Whitehall can help you identify and fix the cause. So keep reading the blog to learn how to make your keyboard work again.

Keyboard problems are tricky to diagnose as there can be many reasons. It is hard to detect whether the software or the hardware causes the problem, or if it is caused by an assortment of both the hardware and the software. To fix your keyboard and make it work smoothly again, you must first identify the underlying cause.

What To Do If Your Keyboard Is Not Working According To The Experts In Computer Repair In Whitehall

Don’t worry if your laptop has stopped working. There can be plenty of reasons for it, such as:

Dirt or Debris
Low Battery
Physical Damage
Worn out or corrupt Driver
Filter Keys
Software-related issues

You can easily and instantly fix your keyboard by visiting a reputed store for electronics repair in Whitehall, such as Happy Fix. We use modern equipment to diagnose, inspect and fix all your hardware or software-related problems instantly to save you from the hassle. However, before visiting a phone repair store, you must go through this list of troubleshooting tips and see if you can fix your keyboard yourself at home.

Restart Your Computer

The first thing that you should do if you encounter a computer-related problem that is serious enough to disturb your work is to restart your computer. Restarting your computer will flush out all the memory and restart all the drivers, programs, and utilities. Sometimes, it is enough to make your laptop work again. So before you start panicking, you must restart your computer and see if the keyboard starts working.

Clean The Keyboard Thoroughly

According to the computer repair experts in Whitehall, if some of your keys are not working properly, it might be because of dirt or debris under the key, which is preventing them from working properly.

To check if it’s really dirt or debris, you may start with a small brush and a microfiber cloth, trying to extract any dirt that might be stuck in the keys. You may also dab a cloth with alcohol to clean any dried dirt. You can blast some compressed air to clean the keyboard thoroughly.

Alternatively, if none of the above makes your laptop clean enough to work properly, you may take it to a cell phone repair store in Whitehall and get it deeply cleansed.

Test if there is any hardware-related issue

If you’re done with the easiest fixes, and the problem still pertains, it’s time to check if any hardware or software-related issue might be causing the problem. The simplest way to figure this out is to check if the software works in the pre-boot mode. You may focus on software solutions if it works fine before the windows start. Otherwise, it is wise to take it to a store for electronic repair in Whitehall.

Check the Keyboard’s Settings and Drivers

If the issue is related to the software, the next easy way to troubleshoot is to update the keyboard’s driver. Sometimes, simply updating the driver makes the keyboard work properly.

Ensure you have the right Keyboard Layout

If your keyboard works fine and scrambles when you type or type some other unusual characters, the keyboard’s layout might have changed accidentally. Therefore, you must check if the layout of the keyboard is correct.

Hopefully, these tips by the experts in Computer Repair in Whitehall can make your laptop’s keyboard work smoothly again. If you’re looking for tips related to your laptop’s screen, you must read our blog on Laptop Screen Repairs.

However, If none of the above works, you may bring it to us to get it inspected, diagnosed, and fixed properly and instantly. You may visit our website or contact us to book an appointment.

For more information, visit our FAQs Section below.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1. Is there a keyboard lock button?
Yes, there is. It is usually located at the left end of the keyboard, just above the left shift key.

Q2. Can I reset my keyboard?
You can reset your keyboard by pressing the ESC Key with your laptop unplugged. You may plug in the keyboard while holding the ESC key and keep pressing it until your keyboard starts flashing.

Tools Used By Technicians For Computer Repair In Whitehall

Fixing viruses and glitches in computers requires expertise, experience, and knowledge of the right tools, which not everyone can do. Technicians at stores for computer repair in Whitehall use modern equipment to fix your electronic gadgets to ensure quality service.

Without any offense, Technology has become an important part of our lives, and computers are considered the lifeline of the technological world. Technicians are considered doctors who treat and extend our electronic gadgets’ life by using the right tools. Due to this, not everyone can perform this job properly, especially not a layman. To repair or get any electronic gadget repaired successfully, you must be aware of the modern equipment used by the technicians.

Essential Tools For Computer Repair In Whitehall

Following are the essential tools that are used widely for computer repair in Whitehall by the technicians.


High-quality non-magnetic screwdrivers of various sizes are an important tool to open and repair the hardware components of phones and PC. Therefore, they are an integral component of any repair shop.


Technicians widely use this tool to check the continuity and voltage resistance to accurately measure the power functions of the motherboard of a PC.

Cable Testers

Cable testers are used to substitute cables and fix the wires or plug points that are connected to different parts of the PC or the Computer.

ATX Power Supply Tester

The ATX Power Supply Tester is required for the purpose of power supply. Especially for the function terminals, which allow testing the voltage by making use of a voltmeter.

Software for Data Recovery

Loss of data is related to the software. You may lose data due to some viruses or software malfunction. Recovering data is a complicated task and requires a tool kit of data recovery.

Not every cell phone repair store in Whitehall provide data recovery services as it requires extensive knowledge and expertise to deal with. We have a team of certified technicians who know how to handle sensitive data. If you have lost your data due to some virus or software malfunction, you can confidently come to the Happy Fix store to get your data recovered hassle-free.

Network Adapter for USB

Technicians use USB network adapters to ease the access of network on PC via USB and also to poor connectivity issues.


The POST Card prevents accidents and frets that a short circuit may cause. It helps diagnose the problem in case you plug in a wire to an explosion slot, as there are changes of short circuits when you do that.

So these are some of the essential tools that computer repair shops in Whitehall use. However, you must also know for what services they use these tools.

Services Offered By Stores For Computer Repair in Whitehall

Whenever people encounter a problem with their electronic devices such as computers, laptops, or phones, they search for electronics repair in Whitehall near me, and various smart repair shops appear in front. However, finding the right repair store is a tricky task. Reliable Computer repair shops in Whitehall usually provide a variety of services such as:

Data Recovery

You may lose important data for some reason, such as a software malfunction or a virus. You will not be able to recover it yourself unless you’re a technician. Therefore, you will have to take it to a store for electronics repair in Whitehall, where technicians can easily restore your data by tracking information. However, you must ensure you visit a trusted store like Happy Fix for this purpose, as a low-quality service in such a case may cause permanent loss of data.

Our technicians have extensive data recovery knowledge and are experts in handling sensitive data. So you do not have to worry about data loss when you come to us for data-recover purposes.

Removing Viruses

Viruses come in different formats. Therefore, they are complicated to deal with. Only a reputed store like ours can offer virus removal services.

Repairs Related To The Hardware

Professionals for computer repair offer all the services related to hardware problems.
Whether it is related to your keyboard, mouse, display screen, monitor, or anything else.

For more hardware-related services, visit our services page.

So these are some of the main services reputed stores provide for computer repair in Whitehall. If these services are provided by the store you’re opting for, they must have extensive knowledge and expertise.

For more information, visit the FAQs section.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1) What do Computer Repairs do?
Technicians at computer repair stores inspect, evaluate, diagnose and fix any issues that may be affecting your computer’s or the PC’s performance.

Things To Consider Before Leaving Your Phone to Repair Shop For Cell Phones

There’s no denying that our lives these days revolve around our smartphones, and apparently, we are quite particular about our smartphones. We are so latched on to them that it is hard to imagine a life without a phone. While some use it to run their business, some use it to stay connected to the world, and some just casually use it for entertainment purposes. The point is, that we are addicted to it, and life can be hard without it. But what if your “buddy” stops working out of nowhere? Well, that’d be a heart attack, and that repair shop for cell phones exists in the first place. 

But wait, before you hand over your device to that “unknown” technician. You need to take care of some important things before giving your phone to the service center.

repair shop for cell phone

  • Create a full backup 

Data is one of the most important aspects of a phone. We store every possible aspect of the information on our phones: account details, important emails and messages, photos, videos, contacts, documents, and whatnot. So, it becomes important for you to have a backup of all such important data. By doing so, you are avoiding the risk of losing the data during the repairing process, and you can be carefree. 

  • Remove the SIM card 

It is yet another task that you must do before leaving your phone in the hands of a technician. If your SIM gets into the wrong hands by mistake, it may be misused. Make it a habit to remove the SIM card from the phone before handing it over. Another reason behind doing that is you can use the SIM card on any other smartphone. By doing so, you won’t miss any important calls. 

  • Remove external storage 

Along with your SIM card, you must remove your external storage (micro-SD card). Make sure to remove it and keep it safe with you carefully. This is because most of your files are stored on this card. Removing it is a must because you may have some sensitive data sitting around, and if your memory gets lost or damaged in the process, you will lose all your data. 

  • Choose a reputed technician 

After you have done everything that is mentioned above, from removing your SIM card to taking all the possible precautions, you are ready to leave your smartphone to a technician. But that’s not where everything ends. For the best possible services and guaranteed results, it is highly recommended that you choose the best and most experienced team of technicians. Speaking of which, feel free to choose us at Happy Fix USA. Our team is full of well-rounded technicians who will do their best to repair your phone and make your life colorful as it was before. 

Final Thoughts 

Running into an issue with your phone is quite common, and that’s exactly why repair shop for cell phones exist. So, if you want your phone to be fixed straight away, feel free to leave your phone with us.

What To Do With A Cracked iPad Screen?

You just dropped your iPad; the screen cracked. Now, what is next? Worry not; this post belongs to you. Hello all, today Happy Fix is here to answer your questions; what to do with a cracked iPad screen. As an Apple user, you must know that this company doesn’t manufacture its spare parts; you can’t just walk around an electronic shop asking for an alternate screen. Even Apple itself gets its spare parts from EOM, which supplies the main parts while manufacturing a new iPhone. That is the only reason you get the spare parts at a relatively high price. We know it makes you wonder: is it possible to get a vital screen at reasonable prices? Yes, it is possible. 

First of all, it is necessary to understand that you must contact an optimistic repair center like us no matter what. We have seen countless places where people regret choosing the wrong place; you should not make that mistake. An authentic place is a surety that you will always get genuine quality no matter what.

cracked iPad screen

Steps to take regarding a broken iPad screen!

Analyze the damage

No doubt, the first step will be analyzing the damage of the product. In many cases, people get afraid really soon; they start taking a minor break too seriously. Even when you visit the repair store, ask them; what is the level of crack? Does it need to be taken care of? If you listen to the experts, you should kill the problems as soon as possible. Most stores provide you with the necessary experts to clear out the queries regarding a cracked iPad screen.

Understand your requirements

Suppose you feel that you have to change the screen. In that case, there are several options to choose from: Inferior quality and lowest priced aftermarket display, OEM pulls or original equipment manufacturer pulls, and OEM refurbished parts. As the name suggests, inferior quality is the lowest in price; you can buy it from any store. On the other hand, EOM pulls are advanced in terms of quality and price. In simple words, you can say that it is a replica of verified-original Apple products. 

OEM refurbished part

The only reason we tell you to analyze the damage is that the screen doesn’t crack up; there is no problem with the display. In that case, all you need is cracked units. Have you heard of the term refurbished? Some global vendors buy these buybacks and paste them as the original unit; they call it refurbished. A vital store will definitely tell you which kind of service you need. 

Find a good repair store?

Now, you have reached the most important step; finding a vital repair store. Actually, there is no need to ask this particular question because we have your back. We suggest you visit our website and check the reviews from our happy clients; those comments will put a long smile on your face. We are happy to share that our experienced professionals handle thousands of cases every year. So, you do not have to worry about anything. 


As we were talking about above, those who are going through the concern of a cracked iPad screen must read this post carefully. First, know your problem and then contact our professionals. On the other hand, ask us here if you have any questions.

Why Must Phone Repairs Be Left to the Pros?

In today’s time, mobile phones have become a basic necessity. With multiple tasks dependent on a single device, it becomes essential for the users to ensure proper functionality. Hence, if one notices some potential issues with their mobile phones, they must contact a professional instead of resolving the problem independently. 

And as phone devices can face multiple technical issues that might require specific tools and expertise. Hence, in such situations, one must leave the android phone repairs to the professionals as they have a perfect solution to fix the device. 

Benefits of getting the phone repaired by a pro

Those wondering why one must consult a professional for the repair services must know that there are various benefits of getting the phone repaired. Further, to help one understand the benefits of reaching out to the repair professionals for their good, one can check out the information shared. 

1) Quality repair services

One of the biggest reasons for getting the phone repaired by professionals is the quality and durability of the services. A few professionals have years of experience and have resolved most phone problems. In other words, experts know how to resolve all the potential risks that might be affecting or damaging the device and fix it from the root. 

Further, the professionals have access to the best tools and equipment to ensure reliable services. Most professionals even stock the android phone repairs items they might require to fix. So, one can be assured of the repair job performed. 

2) Environmental benefits 

It is said that an android phone replacement consumes a lot of energy. As per facts, over 90 percent of smartphone emissions are directly connected to the production of new phones. If the user takes their smartphone to the repair centers instead of purchasing a new one, they can save both money and the energy usage required for the production. It is said that phone repairs are a greener option than replacement. 

3) Help in saving cost

Those who get their smartphones repaired by a pro can save a lot of money. If one decides to fix their phone on their own, they might incur more costs as they might have worsened the damage. Taking the smartphone to the professional can help one avoid additional charges and prevent complete replacement of the device, which might cost more. 

How can you find the best professionals for phone repair? 

At present, one can find thousands of professionals for android phone repairs, but not everyone offers reliable phone repair services. So, to help one find the best phone repair service provider, one can remember the following points: 

  • The professionals must have the required experience for resolving various kinds of smartphone problems. 
  • Verify the reviews of the former customers. 
  • Consider the repair charges before getting the phone repaired.
  • Professionals must offer a guarantee for the repairs performed.

Bottom Line

One can now understand why taking their smartphone to the professional is considered best. Further, one can even get a smartphone fixed from Happy Fix, which offers quality repair services and a warranty. So, for the users who are facing issues with their smartphones, they can consider consulting a pro and quickly fix it.

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Call the Experts at Happy Fix for Quality Computer Screen Repair Services!

In this fast-growing and ultra-advanced era, we cannot imagine our life without computers, laptops, and phones. As we all know, tragedies happen anytime, anywhere! Unfortunately, sometimes those mishaps happen to our beloved devices, like computers and laptops.

It can be a genuine issue if your computer stops working, whether you use it to use social media or do professional work. People might be thinking about solving the problem by themselves, and it is human nature to resolve issues by themselves.

For example, if milk spills, you can simply clean it. And if books fall, you can simply pick them up. So, you might be curious to fix your own system issues, whether it is computer screen repair or screen replacement.

But it is good to go for professional computer screen repair services if you really want to get effective and quick solutions. You might have a friend or family member who is good with computers. But still, it is good to go for professional services. Sometimes you can increase the problem by not contacting the professionals. So, it is the right time to save yourself from the stress of repairing your own computer issues by hiring professionals.

There are myriad platforms available in the market which claim to provide you with quality computer repair services. But, should you go for these services without ensuring they are trustworthy?

Happy Fix is one of the best and most reputed platforms that offer high-quality computer screen repair services at pocket-friendly prices. There are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy after taking professional services. But in this post, we will talk about the major benefits. Let’s have a look:

  • Prevention of data loss
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Time-saving
  • Save hard-earned money and efforts
  • Prevent further damage
  • Improve functionality

How do you know if your computer screen is damaged or faulty?

  • Cracking of the physical LCD
  • Black “ink” like blots on the LCD
  • Discoloration
  • Dark corners
  • Lots of dead pixels
  • Wavering of the screen
  • Afterimage
  • Backlight extremely dim or bright
  • No display

Doing a simple test by connecting your computer to a working, external monitor and seeing if the problems stated above continues will tell you if the fault lies on the screen or other hardware like the Graphics Processing Unit of your computer.

If the external monitor works perfectly, you can be almost sure that your screen is damaged or faulty.

Reasons for screen damage:

Do you know you can easily damage the screen of your computer without even realizing it?

In most cases, cleaning your computer screen with too much force alone can cause unnecessary stress on your computer screen and cause it to be damaged.

Here are some most common causes for computer screen damage. Have a look:

  • Physical force to the computer screen or top cover.
  • Pressure on the computer’s screen is caused by inappropriate handling.
  • Placing and throwing heavy objects on top of the computer.
  • If we talk about the laptop, the opening of the laptop lid from the sides causes an uneven amount of force resulting in the screen bending.
  • Power fluctuations can cause the screen to be shorted.

Why hire Happy Fix?

Happy Fix offers a stupendous range of computer screen repair services without breaking your bank accounts. We have a team of experienced and talented technicians who make troubleshooting as easy as possible with our 24/7/365 days per year support. We offer desktop computers, laptops, iPhones, iPods, smartphones, tablets, and Mac.

“Just give us a call, and we are here to help you fix everything!”

The bottom line:

Are you facing problems with your computer? We will solve everything. When your device runs slow and your programs stop working, we are who you call. Happy Fix is your personal army of tech-savvy geeks, from corrupted hard devices to infected machines.

We cover the whole city, and the best thing is that we can fix most desktop computers and iPhones within 60 minutes. So, why are you roaming around here and there? Just give us a call at (484) 935-9028 and improve the functionality of your computer!