Keyboard Not Working? Here are some Tips From Computer Repair in Whitehall

Not sure what has caused your keyboard to stop working? Software or hardware? These tips by the experts in Computer Repair in Whitehall can help you identify and fix the cause. So keep reading the blog to learn how to make your keyboard work again. Keyboard problems are tricky to diagnose as there can be […]

Tools Used By Technicians For Computer Repair In Whitehall

Fixing viruses and glitches in computers requires expertise, experience, and knowledge of the right tools, which not everyone can do. Technicians at stores for computer repair in Whitehall use modern equipment to fix your electronic gadgets to ensure quality service. Without any offense, Technology has become an important part of our lives, and computers are […]

Things To Consider Before Leaving Your Phone to Repair Shop For Cell Phones

There’s no denying that our lives these days revolve around our smartphones, and apparently, we are quite particular about our smartphones. We are so latched on to them that it is hard to imagine a life without a phone. While some use it to run their business, some use it to stay connected to the […]

What To Do With A Cracked iPad Screen?

You just dropped your iPad; the screen cracked. Now, what is next? Worry not; this post belongs to you. Hello all, today Happy Fix is here to answer your questions; what to do with a cracked iPad screen. As an Apple user, you must know that this company doesn’t manufacture its spare parts; you can’t […]

Why Must Phone Repairs Be Left to the Pros?

In today’s time, mobile phones have become a basic necessity. With multiple tasks dependent on a single device, it becomes essential for the users to ensure proper functionality. Hence, if one notices some potential issues with their mobile phones, they must contact a professional instead of resolving the problem independently.  And as phone devices can […]

Call the Experts at Happy Fix for Quality Computer Screen Repair Services!

In this fast-growing and ultra-advanced era, we cannot imagine our life without computers, laptops, and phones. As we all know, tragedies happen anytime, anywhere! Unfortunately, sometimes those mishaps happen to our beloved devices, like computers and laptops. It can be a genuine issue if your computer stops working, whether you use it to use social […]

Top 4 Outstanding Ways To Deal With Your Laptop Screen Repairs!

It is not easy to imagine a day without a laptop in today’s times. No matter whether you are using it to watch a movie, complete your office work, or attend an online class, nothing seems to be possible without a laptop. For example, if your laptop gets spoiled for some reason, it can be […]

Top 3 Effective Ways to Deal with the Cracks on the Screen of Your Computer

There’s nothing more devastating than having to see cracks on the screen of your computer. P.S.: Never underestimate these lines or patterns as they can rain on your parade, ruining your attempts to get a job done.  Whether you are a college student or a professional working remotely- you can’t let a pesky screen issue […]

Play It Safe: Top 5 Family-Friendly Apps for Kids

Thanks to COVID-19, kids are spending a lot more time on their devices. Whether it’s a MacBook Air for school, the iPad for music lessons, or just an iPhone 8 for regular screen time, kids are in front of screens more than ever before. Let’s use that time wisely! We’ve done our research and have […]

Sorting Through Old Photos and Contacts – Do You Need Them All?

We’ve all been there before — taking multiple photos from different angles just to make sure you get the best shot possible (even though most of them aren’t worth sharing). Or taking a hundred selfies with a hundred different faces only to just post one on Instagram. And if you’ve really gotten into phone photography […]